Traffic is vanity
Leads are sanity.

An online marketing agency where lead generation is not an afterthought

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Lead generation through Digital

Online Marketing campaigns with a purpose

Why are you here?

You’re here because you want to generate leads for your business. Not visitors, not page views, not meaningless traffic but leads. And, that is precisely what Flow20 does.

Using a combination of paid and organic digital marketing channels, Flow20 generates leads and sales for businesses who want to grow.

After all, that’s the purpose of a marketing campaign for a small business is it not?


80% of our charges are paid against qualified leads generated and at the agreed Cost Per Acquisition.


Whether through PPC, SEO or Social Media, we generate leads using your website not temporary micro sites.


We don’t need to find ways to keep you from leaving via long term contracts. Results will do that.

It’s what’s on the outside that counts

After all, it’s about the results not the effort

Digital Marketing Insights

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Digital marketing is perhaps, not the best way to describe what Flow20 does.

Most of what we do is centred around generating leads and not page views, impressions or brand awareness which tends to be the focus of most marketing campaigns traditionally.

You’ll find our lead-centric methodology prevalent not only across the services we offer but in our pricing structure as well by offering Pay Per Lead options for all digital marketing campaigns.
There’s no clear cut answer to this and will depend on a number of factors such as your industry, objective and brand position as some channels tend to work better for some industries than others.

Also, taken into consideration is of course your budget and the competitive landscape to help us determine the channels that are likely to yield leads with the lowest Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).
There are several factors that are taken into consideration such as the competitiveness of the industry and sector, an estimate of visitor-to-lead conversion rates of your website, the value of a lead to your business and so on.

Ultimately, it is a number that is mutually agreed between you and Flow20 during the discussion stages.
That would vary depending on the campaign type, objectives and the digital marketing channels deployed. However, the following performance indicators are tracked and reported upon monthly across all our services and campaigns: conversion rates of all important call-to-actions, number of leads generated and the cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of each lead. When a campaign involves multiple channels for example, Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO, aforementioned KPIs are tracked on a channel basis to help evaluate each lead channel’s cost-effectiveness.
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